I did catch some of sharknado 2 last night where a not so realistic Staten Island Ferry makes a cameo. Hoping there are no Sharknados in the forecast for my Ferry ride today

Incoming #SIferry


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ON THIS DAY: 1871 – The Staten Island Ferry Westfield’s boiler explodes, killing over 85 people
The opening of the Staten Island Railway in 1860 increased traffic further and newer boats were acquired, named after the towns of Richmond County which covered the whole of Staten Island. One of these ferries, the Westfield, came to grief when its boiler exploded while sitting in its slip at South Ferry at about 1:30 in the afternoon of July 30, 1871 The New York Times described the disaster. Within days of the disaster, some 85 were identified as dead and hundreds injured, and several more were added to the death toll in the weeks following. Jacob Vanderbilt, president of the Staten Island Railway, was arrested for murder, though he escaped conviction. The engineer of Westfield was a black man, which aroused openly racist commentary in New York’s newspapers, though Vanderbilt stoutly defended his employee. Victims were never compensated for damages.

Source: Wikipedia

Sandals and socks…

Never ok… Even when you are on the #SIferry


#SIferry had to back up the boat twice to dock tonight

#nap time on the #SIferry

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Improper grammar overheard on the Staten Island ferry

"That’s worser than" Brought to you by the same girls who I just witnessed using F*ck, Sh*t and a**hole in one sentence

Jeapordy Edition

"F*ck, Sh*t, A**hole, and P*ssy" What is every other word out of the two girls mouth sitting next to me tonight on the #SIferry

Haven’t seen the #SIferry #Preacher for a while… Looks like he got a haircut

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